How to Become a Nanny?

People think of becoming a pilot or a space engineer but there are people who want to become a full-time nanny and there is no shame in saying that, ‘I am thinking to become a nanny’. There are nannies out there who are making more than 10 grand a month, so, before you make fun of them, think twice. But don’t think being a nanny is an easy job if you have kids of your own. Nannies have to bear the crying, screaming, from cleaning to poops to wiping the pukes, there is everything a nanny has to go through in creating a bond with any kid.

In the British states, being a nanny is a respectable job and a profession. And in some high-end families, hiring a nanny is a tradition even if the parents have a lot time. There the nannies live there and educate children about different things. For the men out there, who love children, good news for you is, men can become nannies too. But men as nannies are mostly referred to butlers. What is the in name anyway, if it pays well and people around you respect you a lot. This sounds like a good profession and if you want to continue it you have to go through a lot of tests and processes. 

First you have to get a CPR and first aid certificate. You must be wondering why? Becoming a nanny is all about care and if God forbid something happens to a kid you must be prepared to give first aid or CPR. You can visit hospitals and different institutes which provide these courses and make sure to get this certificate from those institutes who are registered with Red Cross. You can also get a degree in safety and health or nutrition to add a star in your portfolio. You can do internships in daycare centers to maintain and this can become an addon in your portfolio. 

If you are looking to become a full-time nanny you can do internships at different Dubai nurses center and there are some companies of baby sensory in Dubai who offer CPR training and certificate. Because in UAE, the demand of nannies is increasing everyday and ladies from all over the world go there to work as a nanny.

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