The Don’ts Of A Job Interview

Before you search “job search skills course“, you must know what not to do in an interview since interview is the first procedure you have to go through to get a job.

Don’t ask questions regarding the background checks, holidays, drug tests or raises until you get selected. If you do so, the interviewer will realize that you’re in a hurry for other things more than the job. You must take your time and give importance to the job that you’re applying for. 

Don’t forget to thank the interviewer after the interview. This is the best way to keep the interviewer positively agreed with you. It will make the interviewer feel like you’re happy with the job that he or she is providing. 

Never run your fingers in your hair. You always need to sit formal and professional in the interview. Doing such things will make the interviewer think that you’re the boss not him or her.

Don’t talk about the salary or money. The main focus of the interviewer is your productivity; therefore stay related to the job instead of talking about money.

Don’t act funny. The interviewer will not like your childish jokes about random things. Act professionally on the seat.

Don’t smoke before the interview. Never do such things in the interview. You must remember that you are not sitting on your living room’s sofa. It’s your office, so act professionally. 

Don’t chew gum during the interview. The interviewer will also add such act in informality.

Don’t be confused. If you start hesitating in the interview, it will be counted as your weak point since in the job you have to make communications.

Don’t act nervous. Interviewers consider the people who are nervous as the ones who can’t make a good deal for the business when it comes to marketing the product.

Do not make a difference between your communication and your CV. Your CV must be as effective as your communication in the interview. For a professional CV writing course, you can get instructions online or hire a professional CV writer to guide you.

Don’t try to lean or attempt to place your elbows on the interviewer’s desk. Sit like a soldier.

Don’t wear glasses that are tinted. You are not on a beach or a park. Wear formal glasses that are colorless. 

Don’t look at your watch during the interview. This will give a call of hurry to the interviewer from your side. 

Don’t use informal language. Talk with ethics and manners with the interviewer, so you are giving respect to him or her.

Author Since: Aug 16, 2018

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