FAQS about physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is also called physical therapy and it is the field of medical that is concerned with maximizing physical movement and potential of a human body. Physiotherapy maintains and affects the mobility of human body. After physical injuries it is often referred by the doctors to go through physical therapy sessions. Physiotherapy treatment helps through rehabilitation and fitness of the body. Physiotherapist treat a wide range of physical problems that are associated with different systems of the body. Neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are the systems that can be treated by physical therapy.

The job of the Physiotherapy is to determine the problem causing the pain and after finding injuries root cause, different treatments are adopted to treat it.

If you have any injury or chronic pain that is affecting your daily routine and movement then you should visit a physiotherapist to get checked. Often after surgery like bone replacement, hip replacement and stroke or heart attack the doctor refers to a physiotherapist. If you are planning on visiting to a physiotherapist then you need to check your health insurance if physiotherapy is covered or not. If in your health insurance the cost of Physiotherapy is not covered then you will have to pay the full fee of the doctor and it may get a little expensive.

The job of the physiotherapist is to determine the cause of the pain and also both prevention and rehabilitation. Number of problems required treatment by physiotherapy. Pain caused by injury disease or disability may lead towards physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can help in treating bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. They may get affected after surgery or bone replacement, due to arthritis or after amputation.

Some people have striking pain in neck and back due to their prolonged sitting postures. In such cases neck and back pain is treated by physiotherapist as some muscles get stiff.

People having disability due to heart problems or decreased mobility because of disease of brain and spine, are also treated by physiotherapists. Patients of Parkinson disease and multiples sclerosis are referred to physiotherapist too.

On visiting a physiotherapist, he will ask questions about your medical history and then he assess your medical history to come up with a plan to treat your disease or pain. A treatment plan is prepared for your treatment. A physiotherapist will recommend a series of exercises and also the devices needed for assistance in exercise. 

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