Best fabrics to stitch gowns

Fabrics matter the most when you want customized gowns. Gowns have to shine and flow. It should have cuts and style that can catch every other eye. However, you cannot get the same styles and shine in cotton-made gowns. Other fabrics are used to make gowns. Scroll down to know the best fabrics to stitch gowns!

  1. Velvet:
    Velvet is the perfect choice to make a red carpet gown. Its glittering surface and smooth touch add more glamour and shine in the gown. The soft-touch and strong make the velvet-made outfit wearable. The delicacy and vibrancy of the gown will be doubled if tailor dedicates their time and energy on the stitching of the apparel. Addition of sequences and laces can make the gown must-wear. Marbled velvet is the contemporary kind of velvet whose luxuriousness and softness can win the heart of any woman. Its marbled structure changes the colour of the cloth as the amount of light change in the environment that would make the gown more appealing.  
  2. Chiffon:
    If you want a lightweight gown that you can carry easily then nothing is better than chiffon. Chiffon is a soft and taut fabric that is made from cotton, rayon, synthetic fires or silk. The fabric drape on the body so finely and easily that tailors can stitch gorgeous gowns with it. Silk Chiffon and Paris Chiffon are ideal kinds of chiffon to buy. They can add shine and richness to your outfit to make them eye-glueing and “wow”
  3. Georgette: The crinkled fabric can make your gown extremely dainty and petite to wear. Georgette is a lightweight fabric that drapes to your body easily and finely enough to highlight your curves beautifully. The fabric is made from silk; therefore, its shine and strength would let the gown to hold up well on the physique. Embroidered georgette is must-use to make red carpet gowns. The sequins and needlework will add beauty to it.
  4. Crepe: Crepe is the fusion of crinkled, wrinkled and matte surface that gives flexibility and shine to your dress. Like chiffon, the fabric is soft and lightweight, therefore, it is easy to handle. Because of having grainy texture, crepe-made outfits drape on body chicly. All you have to do is to ask tailor in Bur Dubai or any residing place to stitch it in the trendiest style.  

So these are the four best fabrics you can use to stitch gowns. You can go to websites of famous tailoring companies and read their blogs about gowns!

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