Benefits of Being an Australian Citizen

A huge number of individuals, who have moved from different nations, become Australian residents on Australia Day, January 26 – and there are a lot of benefits of being an Australian and getting to know more about Canadian consulate Muscat. This means if you are in Australia and you are trying to citizenship while being there, then you have a chance to get their nationality on this date. Its like a lucky draw and some of your clean record gives a plus point as well. There are other benefits of getting migration to Australia from Oman, read more about them below:

  1. Like I said that getting in Australia is tough but if you are there then you need to are in luck because if you have been in Australia for four years on a student or any other visa and you have lived there consistently for 12 months, then you are open to apply for Australian citizenship.
  2. If you have gotten the citizenship, which we know that it is very expensive and you get married and have a kid and you worry that you have to pay a lot of money all over again, then don’t worry because your kid is a born Australian and he or she will never need to renew a visa or any other thing. 
  3. The best thing about Australia is that if your kids or you are not their but your parents and grandparents are in Australia and those kids or you apply for a citizenship, you will be treated as a descent and you will have same rights as an Australian.
  4. Unlike some countries who don’t allow you to marry. Because this has become a trend that you marry a guy or a woman from another country to get their nationality but Australia says that you can marry anyone and become a national.
  5. Unlike other countries that give nationality early but if you need to go to your home country then you need to get a resident return visa but when you get an Australian citizenship, you don’t need to do that.
  6. The above advantage also means that you can stay out of Australia as much as you want and you don’t need to get the visa renewal or any kind of fee. 

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