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spanish cheese with chili

Spanish sheeps cheese with chili pepper? Will it be good? You bet! Direct from the region of La Mancha comes this fabulously different cheese with a bit of a kick...

One of the good things about being in touch with your Spanish suppliers is that on occasion you can accept being the guinea pig and lend yourself to some taste testing of new products, the kind people at Piconero based in La Mancha Spain sent us a new cheese to nibble at and we were not disappointed, in fact the camera came out, the description done and the new sheeps cheese with chili was on the website the very next day.

I love cheese but have to admit that I am no expert - I simply go by aroma then taste and texture then ultimately if I enjoy it or not! Before moving to Spain from the UK my experience of cheese was crackers, grapes and apple with a full blown mature blue stilton accompanied by a half decent port or a bossy red, Brie often entered the equation to calm to taste buds... but in the main I enjoy cheese with attitude! Where we are you cannot get a good old Stilton and although there are all things blue they never really hit the spot like a good old English ripe wheel of goodness!

However, being a lover of chili I was looking forward to a new Spanish cheese, something infused, strong and with a kick, those specks of red in the image pack some punch but it builds, when you first taste this cheese its like a normal Spanish sheeps cheese then the flavour intensifies and you soon realise why a good red wine is necessary as well as some fresh cold fruit to refresh the palate.

This one really is a cracking find, not just because on it is now on our website but because we genuinely enjoy it. The two new partners to this cheese completing a brand new trio from La Mancha are goats cheese with garlic and another sheeps cheese (this time with coffee). A delicious selection of new ideas, get the port on standby...

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17 October 2019